Not Just Another Asset Recovery Service

We here at Florida asset recovery take pride in helping individuals collect what has been takin hidden or heired to them without their knowledge. We believe that exercising your right to claim these assets will help individuals that have experienced a loss or hardship, that if nothing else could be saved, and used for future emergencies. We are family owned and operated and have resided in Florida our entire lives. We strive on integrity and are driven by the thought that we get to help people receive a little bit of financial security that with or without their knowledge, is due to them.

Last year alone the Florida State Treasury department received 21.8 billion dollars into their unclaimed funds department. These deposits are gathered from multiple sources some to include but are not limited to matured CDs, stocks, forgotten HMOS, heired assets, tax delinquent refunds, lost tax refunds, utility deposit refunds, unclaimed paid insurance benefits, old paychecks from past jobs, back support payments, victim compensation, and many others alike. Florida claimants only have a certain amount of time to claim these benefits before there are escheated into the state Treasury and without knowing that they are there to be claimed the state can file a claim and receive these funds leaving you not only unaware of the funds that were available but unaware of the loss of these funds. Just think of that in numbers, if last year alone, the year 2022, they escheated 21.8 billion dollars of tax paying individual’s monies. Just how much have they gotten yearly for the last 20 years and where is all that money going.

They get away with this by claiming that they exhausted all means in contacting the claimant to notify them of the monies owed, when indeed they send one notice to the claimants last known address and if the claimant has ever moved most never see notice of funds owed. They make it difficult if not nearly impossible to find out if your owed monies by splitting it up into different categories where you have to search Mutiple government sites to find out if your even owed and if you’re not skilled and educated in the locating of these funds could take time that you don’t have and aggravation that you don’t need to come up empty handed or even worse to find that you have these owed funds but don’t know how to claim them or are too late to claim them.

We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Here at Florida Asset Recovery Services we take hard out of the equation and give you piece of mind knowing you have proffesionals on your side. With our team of financial experts, our recovery lawyer, and no upfront cost to our clients we offer security and confidence to our clients.

If you think you or someone you know might be entitled to some monies or if you would like a complete check ran on you fill out your name and email when prompted and I’ll send you your results within two business days.